The goal is to have a well-organized Farmers Market that will be consistent and eventually become a tradition in the Portage Area for local constituents and the visitor.

Hosting Organization
The Portage Business Improvement District.

Each and every Thursday beginning the first Thursday in May ending with the last Thursday in October.

Farmers Market will be open to the public Noon till 5:00 P.M.

Location will be a at the Commerce Plaza parking lots located at the corner of West Conant Street and West Wisconsin Street. Vendor sales area will be in the lot portions closest to Wisconsin Street.

Items Allowed
Home grown fresh produce items, home made items, and hand-crafted items.
Home Grown produce to be defined as produce items grown on property owned, common garden plots, or leased by the grower in the State of Wisconsin. Produce to be defined as edible vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, honey, eggs, home-grown fresh flowers or plants, and items that when planted will grow into the above listed items.
Home-made items are defined as those items that are made in a person’s home by them or an immediate family member and sold by that person or an immediate family member. These items must be produced in accordance with health and safety regulations for the state of Wisconsin.
Hand-crafted items are defined as items manufactured by seller or immediate family member and sold by that person or immediate family member.

Produce Items
Other Produce items are those defined as produce items grown outside of the state for resale purposes and personal consumption, other vegetation items not considered home-grown produce as interpreted above may be allowed at the discretion of the organizer. An example of when they might be allowed would be when those items are not available from state of Wisconsin home-grown produce vendors at the time of sale. These items are to be considered native to Wisconsin, i.e. Indiana tomatoes in May, Georgia melons in April etc.

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